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Grey-white and slightly moist, it has a distinctive and delicate taste.

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Savory nibbles served before the meal, to arouse the appetite.It keeps its shape when moistened, which makes it perfect for charlottes.A certification granted to certain food items (such as varieties of cheese or produce) made in a specific area, according to a specific production process.Choucroute garnie (f) sauerkraut served with assorted sausages and cured meats.Mouillette (f) a finger of toasted bread, usually spread with butter, to be dipped into a soft-boiled egg.

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EUdict dictionary, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto.Praline (f) a paste made of ground caramelized nuts and chocolate. (f) a chocolate bite filled with the above paste. (f) a caramelized nut, usually an almond or a peanut.

Timbale (f) tumbler, can be used for any dish served in a small cup, or shaped like a small cup.Brick (f) (alternate spelling: brik) a very thin wheat dough used in North African cuisine, similar to phyllo dough but slightly thicker and grainier.Also: a general term for the drinks and savory nibbles served before dinner.Galette des rois (f) a puff pastry pie filled with frangipane, which is a mix of almond cream and pastry cream.

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Cointreau (m) an orange-flavored liqueur. (Cointreau is a brand name.) Colvert (m) mallard.Verrine (f) a ball jar used in canning. (f) any dish served in a jar or glass.Feuille guitare (f) a sheet of plastic that chocolatiers use to ensure their confections have a shiny finish.

Orangette (f) a chocolate confection in which a strip of candied orange rind is dipped in dark chocolate, sometimes with chunks of almonds.Brasserie (f) originally, a restaurant that served beer (the literal meaning of brasserie is brewery) and a simple hearty fare, often of Alsatian inspiration.Tartare (m) a dish that involves a raw ingredient, chopped or diced finely, and seasoned.Ratte (f) a small, nutty potato, similar to the fingerling potato.The most classic example is steak tartare, made with raw beef, but the term is also used for preparations of raw fish or vegetables.

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Fondue savoyarde (f) cheese fondue, made with white wine and cheeses from Savoie, a region on the French side of the Alps.Substitute heavy cream or sour cream, preferably a mix of the two.Cantine (f) school or office cafeteria, it is sometimes used to mean a restaurant that has a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, and where you could see yourself having lunch or dinner everyday.Fromage blanc (m) a smooth, unsalted fresh cheese, similar to yogurt.

Chocolatier (m) an artisan who makes and sells chocolate confections.Literally: lullaby, because of the rocking movement made while using it.Formule (f) a limited selection of dishes offered for a set price, usually cheaper than a menu.She lives in Montmartre with her husband and their two little boys.

Mendiant (m) a disk of chocolate topped with dried fruit and nuts.Chouquette (m) a golf-ball-sized pastry puff sprinkled with pearl sugar.A traditional Christmas confection, in which dried fruits (dates and prunes mostly) have their pit replaced with a piece of brightly colored marzipan.Ni les cookies, ni les muffins et autres cupcakes...

The term is now used, more broadly, for traditional restaurants that are larger than bistros and offer a longer menu served around the clock (choucroute, grilled meat, shellfish platters, etc.). Bresaola (f) air-dried Italian beef.

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Potimarron (m) winter squash with a delicate chestnut flavor.Also: a small bowl filled with citrus water, serving the same purpose.

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Compote (f) a dessert made of fruits cooked slowly with sugar or syrup.

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The dough rises in the oven to form a characteristic bump which is, to some, the tastiest part of the madeleine.Aiguillette (f) in a bird (mostly duck or chicken), the tip of the breast meat.Mimolette (f) a bright orange cheese from the North of France.Nougatine (f) a crunchy mixture of caramel and chopped almonds, often used in pastries as a layer or as a decoration.Sommelier (m) a member of the wait staff of a restaurant who specializes in wine.